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It’s kinda embarrassing – no, it’s VERY embarrassing to admit I’ve started to watch Dead Files on the Travel Channel.

I mean, here’s Michael Offut over at SLC Kismet giving savvy reviews of excellent shows like Game of Thrones.  Then there’s Alex J. Cavanaugh talking about science fiction films, and he seems to have seen all of them.

Then there’s me. (Sigh)

But honestly, I’m mentioning this show because it might be a resource for any of you writing in the paranormal genre or perhaps in science fiction.

See, Dead Files is yet another ghost hunting show, but with a twist.  The premise is that a retired NY cop investigates a (supposedly) haunted homes or buildings via the residents, documents, local historians, and so on.  Meanwhile, a psychic investigates the property separately, and only at the show’s end do the cop and psychic get together, compare notes, and tell the property owners how to fix the ghostly problem.

In the latest episode, the psychic recommended that the homeowners bring in a hoodoo practitioner.  She explained that hoodoo is not the same as voodoo (sounds like the lyrics to a song), and how it’s an African folk religion that was practiced by some slaves.  Its purpose was to control souls.

Yes, I kinda laughed, but not much because the property being investigated had once been a slave plantation.  The historical records revealed that many slaves had suffered and died in that old house and on that land.  It was as if human evil had poisoned them both, and no one living there now would find peace.

There’s a part of me (the Irish part) that kind of believes such curses.  What if violence and bloodshed and intense human suffering can indelbly mark a place?  And years later some of us might pass over it and feel – what?  Memories, emotions, the lives of people long gone?

Okay, now I’m sounding flaky mystical, which is a signal for me to call it quits for tonight.

But seriously, I’d love to know if any of you have ever had an inexplicable feeling in some house or on a piece of land.  Anything that perhaps inspired a story for you?