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So maybe it’s time to ‘fess up…

Do you ever get so discouraged with writing you just want to chuck it all and take up something more sensible?  Like, say… hunting wild boar with a knife.

(Seriously, someone told me there’s a former University of Colorado football player who does that back home in Hawaii.  Talk about a fearless manly man.)

You know what I mean.  Give up writing stories.  Writing a blog.  Using words to express yourself any which way ’cause sometimes stringing just a few words together seems to take far too much effort.   When taking a vow of silence like some hermit monk sounds way too tempting.

Now as y’all know, I told you back at the beginning of the year that this is my last year of writing.  But lately I haven’t even been able to make myself edit and polish my final two manuscripts.   On better days I know deep down that I love these two literary babies so much that I will soon follow through and see them in print.   Then, and only then, will I take a permanent literary rest…

Unless of course the sky falls in and one or all of my books become bestsellers and my faith is renewed and my bank account is stuffed to the gills and…

Hey, we all have our silly literary fantasies.  What’s yours?

On a more practical note, I know I’ll get my writing chops back before this summer when I can take a couple short much needed vacations.  They’ll only be cheapie road trips around the mountains and such, but that’s fine ’cause I’ll get to test out my new fancy schmancy tent.  See, REI was having a super sale so I got a nice one way cheap (the price is now back up there).  I plan to camp, for the first time in an embarrassingly long time, because I really can’t afford a posh hotel this year because my dentist has decided that a bunch of my spending money is gonna be spent on him doing a bunch of stuff to my teeth.

Sigh. Why do our bodies cost so damn much to maintain? Even when we have insurance?

I hope none of you have any painful expenses coming your way.  Or frustration with writing.  But odds are, you do.  I feel for you.