Archive for March 18th, 2013

I know we fiction writers generally don’t rank high on the normal scale.  But this last week my brain has really been trying to weird me out.

It started Wednesday night when I was very tired and went to bed.  My brain would NOT SHUT UP!  It kept flashing memories and old movies at me and dredging up tiny nit-picky worries and putting me in a deep dark funk.

Finally at 3:30 a.m. I did something I’ve never done before.  I got up, opened a bottle of wine (I got two for Christmas and hadn’t opened them yet, which shows you what a light drinker I am), sliced up some cheese, and plopped down in front of the TV because I was too frickin’ tired to do anything but veg out.

(By the way, the odds are very good that at any time of the day or night, there is an episode of Law and Order running on some channel.)

One and a half glasses of wine later, I’d managed to stifle my brain, and that’s when I at last fell asleep – on the sofa, of course.

Thursday and Friday I slept kinda better but my brain decided to entertain me with some really strange and vivid long dreams – not the kind that might inspire, say, a story for a science fiction book or some magic realism.  More like the kind of dreams that make me think that therapy wouldn’t hurt.

Then on Saturday morning I woke up thinking about a few old jackets in the back of my hall closet that I haven’t used in years so why am I holding on to them and since I’d been clearing out some old clothes I had to be REALLY SURE to add them to my Goodwill pile, and while I was at it why don’t I add that Italian language tape set I got at Goodwill which I’m never going to use and why do I waste my money on things like that…

You get the picture.  My brain was, off and on for a few days, obsessing over nonsense and putting me in a blue mood.  Yet what’s equally weird is that what inadvertently helped me was to clear out some old junk from my home.  It’s as if cleaning and organizing in the real world helped my brain to clean out its own crud — at least partially and for the time being.

This also reminds me of is that I used to meditate a lot more often, especially before bedtime.  It helped me to relax and sharpened my concentration and mental self-control.  For obvious reasons, I think it’s time I started meditating regularly again.  I also really, truly need a vacation.

Please, please tell me that you’ve had weird bouts with your own brain. And have you ever channeled the mental weirdness into some great storytelling?