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Right now it’s about -5 degrees outside.

Which is yet another reason why I’m fantasizing yet again about running away to live on a tropical island.  Or up on a hill on a tropical coast, above a private cove with sparking water and in a house that Tarzan or Sheena would live in if they ever got down outta the trees.

See, I’ve never been able to handle the cold. Ever.  I wear gloves if the temperature drops to 50.  I’m ready for heavy wool underwear if the barometer drops below freezing.  I look at the extraordinary adventurer Ranulph Fiennes who at the age of 68 is now heading a six-person team that will be crossing Antarctica over the next twelve months, and I figure I’d be dead of frostbite before I even stepped off the ship taking me there.  (BTW, they’ll be crossing the continent in winter when temperatures can drop to -170 degrees.  And yes, he’s related to the actor Ralph Fiennes, aka Voldemort)

So it’s kinda weird that one of my other home fantasies is to have an old country place (okay, a big honkin’ estate) in the Irish countryside.  That’s right. I could go live in foggy, damp, chilly Ireland.  But then I know that the toasty coast of North Africa is close by, should I need some time in the warm sun. Casablanca, anyone?

A long while back I wrote here about the archeologist Kent Weeks and his wife, who to my way of thinking lead an ideal life. For six months of the year they work in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt while living on a converted houseboat on the Nile. For the other six months they go to Cairo, London, and New England, all the while continuing their breakthrough work in Egyptology.

OMG, what I wouldn’t give to do the same.

Here’s a smaller fantasy that maybe someday I’ll be able to fulfill: I want to go to a funky, small diving place on the Red Sea where I’ll spend several days with friends and locals Scuba diving and hanging out and exploring the area.  Then for a few weeks or a couple months I’d travel with Bedouin around the Sinai Desert.  Then from there I’d go to Jordan and, if possible, work alongside archeologists studying the Petra ruins, or go back to Egypt and work alongside archeologists there as a pretty useless but enthusiastic volunteer.

After a couple more months I’d want to stop in Ireland on the way back home because I’ll be longing for long chats about books and life while sitting in pubs and kitchens with cousins, and just enjoy the clouds and rain, which you pretty much never see in always hot and sunny upper Egypt.

Anyway, that’s one of my home-and-travel fantasies.  Do you have your own?  Of course you do.  You’re writers and readers, so you’ve got wild imaginations.