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Guess what — I’ve decided to make 2013 my final year of writing.  As in writing books.  Novels.  Stories.  Fiction.

Unless at least one of my novels becomes a bestseller this year, then that’s it.  I just can’t do this anymore.  And the funny thing is, I’m kinda happy about my decision.  Or maybe it just gives me a sense of peace.

This means The Compass Master or my two forthcoming Charity MacCay novels have gotta pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get out there and sell themselves,  or they’re headed for the dustbin of literature, which is a very  crowded, very bleak place.  They’ve got to do this because I myself suck like a Dyson vacuum at sales and marketing.

Besides, I’m not setting an unrealistic high bar here.  I’ve decided that if just one of my books makes a local bestseller list for one week, or, say, into the top 200 on Amazon, then I’ll be happy as a pig in clover and maybe (I wouldn’t swear to it) I’ll try my hand at writing for another year.  In the meantime, I’ll be spending 2013 editing and publishing my two Charity books, which will probably be enough to make me happy I’m swearing off my vile, destructive, unhealthy addiction to writing.

And what will I do if I don’t write?

Oh, I dunno — have a real LIFE maybe?  Get out again and DO stuff instead of writing about it?

Just so you know, this decision has been brewing in me for a while, but the tipping point came on Christmas Eve night when two family members (NOT my Mom, who’s very supportive), neither of whom has finished Compass or read the manuscripts to Charity, told me I shouldn’t be writing fiction, I should write non-fiction.  Which, I assume, they won’t read either.

Oddly enough, their opinion was the first thing I thought of hours later when I woke up with food poisoning (4:30 a.m. to be exact) and proceeded to bond with the porcelain in the bathroom.  And on Christmas night, as I lay curled up on on my mother’s sofa under a nice warm blanky and nibbling on a dried piece of toast (Gawd, I was such a pathetic sight), I decided Oh, to hell with it.  2013 ends and I call it quits.  Nice, how this gave me a feeling of closure.  I also vowed never again to combine too much wine with too many different foods.

Will I blog past this new year?  Most likely, given how mouthy and opinionated I am.  But this blog, like all things in life, will go through changes.

Meanwhile, I’ve found that I really enjoy visiting other writers’ blogs and saying hi and cheering them on.  I am SO impressed with the pals I’ve made here in cyberspace and their phenom talent.  You guys are great.

So here’s to 2013 and great success and happiness to you all.  And to me, in whatever form that might take.  Love ya.