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So I didn’t get out and do much this weekend for one good, happy reason:


We are talking late Saturday afternoon when a whole mess of thunderstorms blew into Denver and went wild and kept going all night.  We are talking a biblical deluge of water coming down, and that was after they thoroughly soaked most of the mountain areas.

Like I’ve written here a couple weeks ago and as y’all know from the news, Colorado has been tinder dry, there’ve been terrible forest fires,.and about 600+ homes have gone up in flames and smoke.  So when the drought broke and sheets of rain finally came, there were lots of happy people everywhere.  The firefighters musta been dancing with joy.

Of course the heavy rains meant flash floods in the burned-out places, but you can’t have everything go right.

Anyway, the weather made me spend a lot of the weekend inside, where I kept on editing one of my manuscripts and I spent several hours studying French.

Sure, I said in this blog way back when that one of my Layla projects was to study French and Arabic.  Well, I kept up the Arabic for a little while but eventually that fell by the wayside.  I mean, I so don’t have the time.  At least I’ve been better about brushing up on my very imperfect French.  But I’ve had to make myself do it because there’s something relaxing, maybe even indulgent, about sitting around and reading up on something I had in high school and little bit in college, but isn’t really relevant to my present life.  I’m not used to spending personal time on something brainy that has nothing to do with my writing.

One encouraging sign: a few nights ago I caught a documentary on the Sundance Channel about France’s (now former) first lady Carla Bruni.  You know who she is – drop dead gorgeous former supermodel who went on to become a successful singer-songwriter/ recording artist who then marries the most powerful man in the country, and she talks casually about being 40 (she looks 20) and how she’s had 30 lovers.   Sounds like the plot to a cheesy novel, doesn’t it?  But what hooked me about this flick was that I COULD UNDERSTAND MOST OF IT!

I mean, sure, I glanced at the subtitles. But most of the time I could grasp most of what the people were saying.  It also helped that everyone seemed pretty articulate and they didn’t use a lot of slang or idioms.

By the way, whenever Carla Bruni sang her sexy little songs in her soft breathy voice, all the men around her seemed to melt with desire.   I have so never had that effect on men.

Hope y’all had a good weekend and you’ve got a good week coming.