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You know, taking the trash and recycling out isn’t my idea of a romantic literary exercise.  Walking the short distance from my building’s back door to the alley just ain’t the kind of chore that would inspire anybody.

So someone please tell me why, as I schlepped along with smelly bags in hand, a gorgeous piece of inspiration hit me out of nowhere.  Suddenly I knew exactly how to fix a major plot problem in a manuscript I haven’t even worked on in a couple months.  It was a clear, simple, perfect idea that seemed to float down out of the evening sky and into my head where it lit up my brain and made me go, “That’s it!”

I mean, I wasn’t even thinking about my story, but here came the inspiration anyway.

It’s a good thing I’m making some literary progress because Layla action-wise, not much is happening. I haven’t really had the energy for much anything with the 100+ temperatures, which should finally end later this week. Meanwhile, hundreds of glorious firefighters have conquered the worst of the fires here in Colorado.  What real-life action heroes they all are.

My biggest physical news is my discovery that I’ve put on a few pounds in the last few months.  I discovered this the hard way when I tried to fit into a couple of my summer pants.  Since I can’t afford to get a new wardrobe, the fat’s gotta come off in the next couple weeks.  I figure I’ve lost all of two pounds so far (hey, I just started this diet ten days ago), and a couple articles in the New York Times are helping me.  The title of one piece is “Which Diet Works?” ( and the other is “What Really Makes Us Fat” (

Turns out that the standard low-fat diet the medical establishment has been pushing for years doesn’t work very well and may not keep the fat off.  Instead, the low-glycemic diet, which allows for twice as much fat (40 versus 20 percent of total intake),  is much more effective and better for you.  At the more extreme end is the Atkins diet, or ultra low-carb, which sounds to me like it’s good for people in the short term but once some of the weight is off they should switch to the low-glycemic one.  All of this is based on the fact that not all calories are equal.  One hundred calories of apple will behave differently in your body than one hundred calories worth of croissant.  And I love croissants, damn it.

Yeah, I know – this diet talk isn’t glamorous action hero stuff, and it has no literary value. But it’s practical and helping me so I’m passing it on.

Anyway, I’m ending this with a writing question: Did you ever get some great inspiration at the weirdest moment?