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Am I Back Up?

on March 30, 2012 in Misc 8 Comments »

OMG, I think my blog is back online.

I had a SCARY week there, and truth to tell I’m not completely out of the evil haunted tech woods just yet.  But so far it looks like my Layla blog did not vanish forever into cyberspace, which was almost its fate.

Granted, I coulda started a new blog and just figured that what was gone is scarcely a loss to literature.  But still… Y’all know what it’s like to pour parts of yourself into writing a blog, so we want it to stick around.

THANK YOU, Ciara and Annie, for emailing me about how you couldn’t access this site.  That made me contact my friend Alonzo and ask for his help.  He promptly got on his computer and called my server company and… well, let’s just say that what he told them to do is biologically impossible.  But he couldn’t promptly transfer my blog to a new server company because the present one, for whatever malevolent technical reason, won’t let him back up Becoming Layla’s data, which is why chunks of it could vanish once it’s moved.

Anyway, repairs and transfers are underway, and until Alonzo is completely finished I don’t dare bother him.  See, when he’s in his  mysterious computer office/fortress and trying to save my and other people’s virtual hides, he REALLY doesn’t like to be bothered.  This is my personal image of the place.

So I pretty much keep my distance and send him the occasional gently inquiring email.

I am SO glad Alonzo is on my side.  And this weekend I’m writing a buncha stuff so I can have several posts for the next week or two to make up for my absence.  And now that my job and life have quieted down a little (thing got COMPLETELY CRAZY this last week) and I finally have personal time again, I’ll be visiting your own blogs and catching up.

I missed you all.