Archive for March 4th, 2012

Spring is almost sprung and I feel like I’m coming back to life after a loooong winter.

I bet you know just what I mean.  First, we turn a corner in January when the days a tiny bit longer.  Enough to make me poke my head outta my groundhog hole.  Then comes February when there’s a different slant to the sunlight.  This means the sun actually shines in through my job/office window after months of absence.

And then there’s the birdie bootie call.

I’m kinda surprised more people don’t notice this.  But all winter long there are songs you never hear from a lotta birds, especially common ones like sparrows and finches.  During the cold months  they only chirp and squawk like they ain’t too crazy about the weather.  Then around late February you can hear it – melodious, complicated, happy-sounding birdsongs.  And you just know they’re feeling warmer and hornier and they really want to start mating, like, RIGHT NOW!

Granted, this ornithology stuff doesn’t sound like action hero-type fare.  But the point is I’m starting to feel action restless again.  I mean, I’m stir-crazy and starving for adventure and fun and intrigue and just plain everything.  I even feel more like writing, as in novels.  If it weren’t for the nasty cold winds we’ve had all over Colorado, I’d want to run around like Lara Croft on a crazy-ass tomb raiding or something.  Not that we have a lotta big fancy tombs in Colorado.    But spring and then summer are just around the corner, so I’m making my plans.

How about you?  Maybe depending on where you live in the country, winter may have really gotten you down like it did me.  As in Michigan, definitely, but Florida not so much?

Have a warm, almost spring day, y’all.