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Well, this has been a painful weekend.

See, I visited a couple friends (Doug and Cil who are a couple), and while it was great to see them I was also prepared for the grim news they warned me about ahead of time…

First the good news:  they both finished reading The Compass Master and really enjoyed it.

Now the bad news: between them they found approximately 25 typos/mistakes in my book.


I mean, this really hurts.  This is so embarrassing.  Most of the slip-ups are barely noticeable.  But some others? Oh, they hurt.

Of course both Doug and Cil emphasized that I had done a good job, especially considering TCM is 523 pages long.  He told me he’s read, just for example, all of Clive Cussler’s novels and finds typos in all of them , and those tomes are published by one of the Big Six in New York.  Cil told me that as a teacher she’s unusually good at proofing and spotting mistakes.  And I told them I wish I’d known how good both of them are at this proofing stuff ’cause I woulda asked for their help BEFORE I published TCM.

So okay, my book has some mistakes, just like books put out by traditional publishers.  But the fact is I’ve always known that if you want to make it as a self-published writer your standards have to be very freakin’ HIGH.  Like you have to aim at putting out a better book in every possible way than those put out by the professionals if you want to be taken half as seriously.  And 25 or more typos is really, really asking to be laughed out of the book business.

Hence y’all know what this means – I gotta look into seeing how much it would cost me to reprint TCM with the necessary corrections.  Then there’s the matter of how long the Kindle version on Amazon has to be taken down so that the new one can replace it.

Damn. And I thought my biggest problem was figuring out how to promote my novel.

At least, in another literary vein, these same friends fiercely nagged me about getting my other two novels into print. They read both, love both, insist that it’s those two (shorter than TCM) books that would take off in women’s book clubs and other venues.  And since I really do love those two other novels as much as I do TCM (we all love our writing efforts, don’t we?), their support means so much to me.

So that’s it, folks.  As spring and warmer weather approaches, along with opportunities to finally start doing Layla stuff again, I’m gonna be turning into an editing/ proofing/ publishing whirligig.  I might even be mostly finished by mid-summer.  And Doug and Cil will be proofing my manuscripts BEFORE I publish them.

Anyway, that’s my sorry news. Hope your own literary announcements are happier ones than mine.

And Ciara – in my next posting I’ll be giving a way overdue shout-out for The Curse of Gremdon.