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No Luck So Far

on December 12, 2011 in Misc 6 Comments »

Well, so far I’m not chalking up a whole lotta success in the ghost hunting department.  One reason could be that I started and finished way too early in the evening (I’ve been running around with work and errands and so much stuff I’m beat by then and fade out fast.)  Maybe another reason is that I’m not a “sensitive,” or whatever the term is.  So maybe I gotta work on being a “sensitive.”

You know what’s a hoot?  That Grant and Jason on Ghosthunters, who look like a couple of normal plumbers and not like the New Age-y type, are “sensitives.”  This likely explains why they always seem to the ones on the team to get the best sightings and stuff.  And I know this ‘cause I read their book Seeking Spirits.  Turns out Jason learned Reiki meditation/energy techniques from a lady friend that somehow made him able to see things he couldn’t explain, while Grant was just plain born with the ability, as in He Sees Dead People.  (Well, not quite, but close).

Sigh.  That’s not the case with me.

So now my plan is to just keep trying on the hunting part, but also do more meditating.  If anything, sitting down and quieting myself has always helped to focus my mind, and I even feel better and happier.  Course, finding time for hunting and meditating between now and the holidays is pretty much just a fantasy.  Maybe in the new year…

Postscript:  Maybe this link is better suited to Halloween than to Christmas, but it’s a sweet video of TINY abandoned infant bat, “Lil’ Drac,” being raised by hand.   What I really love is how he likes to rock himself after he’s been fed.