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There’s a hoot of a show on TV that I discovered over the Turkey day weekend.  If you don’t know about it already, it’s on the National Geographic channel and it’s called Rocket City Rednecks.   The half-hour episodes are funny documentaries on a gang of five guys in Alabama who talk and act like yahoo rednecks that are overly fond of beer and guns, but in fact these guys are brilliant. Two of them have Ph.D.’s and work for the space program, and the lead guy’s daddy is a retired machinist from the program.

Their ringleader is Travis Taylor (Ph.D.), who besides being a physicist and aerospace engineer just happens to write science fiction novels. Here’s a link to his books on Amazon:

Anyway, it seems that all this writing and working ain’t enough for Travis, because on weekends he and his buddies do some action hero genius stuff by trying to solve problems with applied science – some of it impressive, some of it  funny and crazy.  We’re talking about how to shoot down an asteroid that’s falling to earth (hint: it involves guns), or how to bomb-proof a truck from IEDs that are taking out our soldiers.  By the end of that particular show the truck on which they’d built a blast-proof bottom worked better than anything the military is currently using and can save lives.

My favorite show was the one in which these grown men decide that they should prepare for a zombie/alien invasion.  So they armor a truck until it looks like something out of Road Warrior and outfit it with a cannon that shoots two-by-fours and a golf ball air gun and a flame-thrower.  All home-invented.  And then these grown men ride off in it to an obstacle course complete with zombie/alien dummies, where they blow away said invaders while hootin’ and hollerin’.


And I have only one question, which is…


I mean, if I lived anywhere near these guys I’d be over at their places every weekend and hopping up and down while babbling, “What are we gonna invent today?  Can we blow up something?  Fly something?  Head off an invasion from Mars?”  And you just know that these men have wives or girlfriends and sisters and daughters and moms, but on the shows I watched only one mother appeared and she had just cooked breakfast. That’s it.

Like… are you kidding me? So are women banned from this all-male gang? Or are they just not interested in what their men folk are doing?

Whenever more episodes of this show come on, I’m gonna so watch them and see what these guys are up to and if women get involved.  And whether or not women appear, I am hereby VOLUNTEERING TO JOIN THEIR GANG!

I really want to help invent something useful. And shoot down an asteroid and zombie.


If go you into the comment section of this blog then you’ll see that super heroine Julie Jones, wife of Greg (Rog) of the Rocket City Rednecks, kindly got in touch with me  and set me straight.  Turns out the women ARE involved in other episodes with the inventing/ adventuring/ experimenting (and, I suspect, keeping the men from blowing themselves up).  I’ve ordered the DVD set and am SO anxious to see these ladies be supercool.