Archive for November 22nd, 2011

I just hopped around to a few of my favorite blogs, and I was soooo relieved that most of them haven’t had new postings for a couple days.  Now I don’t feel so bad about my own blog.

Anyway, we’re obviously getting into that time of year when everyone is crazy busy, including yours truly.  But now at least I’ve got a couple good old-fashioned Layla activities lined up.

First off — you know how I’ve talked here about wanting to do ghosthunting.  Ironically, I had no idea the building I work in is supposed to be haunted.  Then the other day I chatted with someone who works on my floor, a very sensible man who told me he was in his office late one night and kept getting a very creepy feeling.  He also pointed out how a new brochure on the building had a couple pages that deals with alleged ghosts and weird goings-on in the place.  See, I work in the oldest “skyscraper” in downtown Denver – a 10 story creation built more than a century ago.  Well, here’s my chance to come back to the office late this coming weekend or the next and hang out on a couple of the “haunted” floors and in the basement.  With my luck, nothing will happen.   Or maybe I’ll get lucky.

Second on the list – a friend sent me a coupon for a few group lessons in an archery place not too far from me.  When I was a kid I was okay with a bow and arrow.  I usually hit the paper target and never wounded any of my siblings.  But I’ve been wanting to try it out again and this is a cheap ($22) way to go.  Besides, a lot of action heroes, especially in the paranormal genres, know how to be deadly with everything from a longbow to a crossbow to a kind of Gatling gun/crossbow as in Van Helsing.  So here’s my chance to be like them in a kind’ve wuss way.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on with me.  Hope y’all have a great Turkey Day and long weekend.