Archive for September 7th, 2011

Yes I know I should be writing something new for my blog.  My poor, neglected blog.

I had the best of intentions on Labor Day.  But I put it off and by evening I was feeling too vaguely cruddy to do much of anything but get ready for work.

So yesterday at work I figured, I’ll write something over lunch.  But work got so busy I barely had time to eat.

Okay, so I’ll write something in the evening – as in last night.

Forget it.  Work got so crazy over a deadline I didn’t even leave the office until 7:00 pm and didn’t get home until 7:30.  By then my brain was making little farting noises.  I didn’t so much as cook dinner because standing for more than five minutes was beyond my capabilities.  So I just munched and practiced being a slug.

And today?  Well, I’m at work and shouldn’t be plugging away on my blog, and tonight I have fencing.  Assuming I have the energy to go to fencing.

Damn, I’m just a mass of pathetic excuses, ain’t I?

Anyway, I hope that in the next day or two I’ll get over this low-grade slugginess my body and brain seems to be going through (as in not quite sick, but far from functioning good health), at which time I will come roaring back here with action and literary brilliance.

Or at least some action and literary effort.