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Let me tell you, writing a blurb for you own book is SO TOUGH!

Blurbs, of course, are those paragraphs on the back of books or inside book flaps.  They’re a lot like query letters, which I’m lousy at, only they have to be even more pithy and catchy.  And instead of snagging an agent’s attention you have to just plain flat-out SELL your story to anyone who bothers to pick up the book in a store or click on your title while cruising Amazon Books, Barnes and Noble, or whatever.  That means you have to stand out in a field of thousands of blurbs.   T’aint easy.

But now I think I’ve got my blurb.  Give or take a phrase or some words.

First, my big thanks to Hart (Confessions of a Watery Tart) who gave me encouragement on an earlier version.  And a big thanks to friends Annie and Rich (and Rich’s co-workers) who rewrote what didn’t appeal to them and gave me a much-needed different perspective.

Now I’d LOVE to hear what you think of it or about changes you’d make.   ‘Cause once this baby is on the back of my book or posted on Amazon et al., it’s pretty much permanent.


Layla Daltry is the go-to antiquities hunter for museums and wealthy private collectors.  As a scholar of ancient manuscripts, she knows what to look for.  But as a romantic idealist and passionate thrill-seeker, she takes too many risks, balances on the edge of the law, and gets into places she doesn’t belong.

Yet even Layla isn’t prepared for the deadly endgame that’s set in motion when her mentor and closest friend dies.   She learns too late that Dr. Maeve Finnegan-Bryson had been secretly following a centuries-old trail of codes and ciphers that will lead to hidden ancient letters.   If found, these letters will radically alter history and threaten modern powerbrokers.

Now an unseen enemy has stolen the professor’s final clues and is shadowing Layla’s every move.   With her life in the balance, Layla must race across Europe while breaking secret codes and searching for the letters.   The person who can best help her is former lover Zach Sandoval – a man who has betrayed her once before.   Together they discover that the professor and the enemy had, years earlier, chosen them to be both players and rivals in a lightning-paced hunt that is already spiraling out of control into a contest of intrigue, treachery, and lethal mystery.