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If I were a real action hero, I wouldn’t hesitate to make a big publicity splash for The Compass Master.   You know the kind I mean – bells and whistles, free media coverage, an excited buzz in the air among readers eager to devour the literary offerings of an (unknown) writer like yours truly.

(Here I’ll pause to say that TCM will likely be published by late May, June at the latest.)

See, action heroes aren’t inhibited or shy or humble.   If the mission calls for making a lotta noise and blowing something up and getting attention, they can do it.   Hell, they enjoy doing it.

Here’s my favorite non-literary example of someone getting all the free publicity she wanted.

Anita Roddick was the founder of The Body Shop, the world-wide chain for “nature inspired, ethically produced” skincare products.   It’s worth a few hundred million dollars now.   Well, Anita was a teacher who started the business at her kitchen table while using her savings of $10,000.  For her first shop she rented the only funky little storefront she could afford and put up a sign for “THE BODY SHOP.”  There was just one twist.

THE BODY SHOP was right next door to a morgue.

And that’s when Anita got inspired.

With a fake name and pretending to be an outraged Member of the Public, she called the local media and ranted about the horrible taste this Body Shop owner had, putting up a sign like that next to a place for the dearly departed.  What’s the world coming to?

Sure enough, reporters showed up at her shop and it was lights, camera, action for Anita’s little underdog shop that was just trying to make an honest living.

You gotta love someone so gutsy and smart.

So yes, yours truly is now about to plot away for some free publicity.   I mean, I really do have to dump my inhibitions and go kinda wild.   And while I haven’t yet figured out what I can do, I at least have a novel with a couple controversial elements in it (same genre as The Da Vinci Code, a thriller with hot religious and political elements).

If any of you have any ideas or stories like Anita Roddick’s, I’d love to hear them.