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The good news is…

I got a lot of editing done this weekend and now I MIGHT, just MIGHT finish editing/rewriting a few final pieces of The Compass Master next weekend.   That will mean I am DONE, people, TRULY, REALLY DONE with TCM!

The bad news is…

The weather is going to hell in a handbasket.

It snowed again on Sunday.   It snowed Saturday.   It snowed a couple days last week.   Not enough, mind you, to give Denver more than several inches altogether.   But meanwhile we’ve had some freaking COLD DAYS with subzero temperatures.  Then for a couple days the temperatures warmed up just enough to melt a little snow so that overnight it turned to ICE, especially BLACK ICE.

You wanna know what I look like in the morning when I walk three blocks to the stop where I catch the bus to work?  Here’s a hint:   I do NOT look an action hero.   I am not fashionable.   I am not cool.   Think Lara Croft disguised a really pathetic bag lady.

Because I feel the cold easily – and it’s been NASTY, BITTER cold – I have to wear my heaviest, longest coat, my functional but tacky (got them at Target) snow boots, thick ski gloves, a wool hat with my coat’s hood over that, and if the wind is blowing then my muffler gets wrapped around my face.

I look like a refugee from Siberia.

Unless, of course, I’m late for the bus and try to make a run for it.   There I am, a bulging bundle of indeterminate shape running with tiny steps so that I don’t do a full frontal flip on the ice.

I look like a galloping penguin.

I swear that as soon as the weather warms up again – I mean REALLY warms up – I am gonna dress and look good again.    Cool, sophisticated, Layla-like again.   In clothes that will let me move normally.   Because when I look like crap, I feel like crap.

I bet a lot of you are the same way.    And a whole lot of you are in the same or much worse meteorological mess.

I feel for you.