Archive for January 28th, 2011

You know you’re too desperate to make your stiff body feel better when you do stretching exercises in front of your coworkers.

Not that I made a spectacle of myself.  And I’m good at pretending to be a normal professional.   But when I was in the open area around the photocopy machine I put my legs up on tables and cabinets and twisted my torso until it screamed at me to stop already.   Eventually I did, but not until my body felt better.

Sore thighs and a sore butt – that’s what I get for going to fencing three nights in a row.   That’s also what I get for fencing a few new people who are top rated and jump around like screaming ninjas on meth and lunge and jab their epees like they’re in some freaking martial arts movie.   A couple of my fellow fencers have been telling me that I need to be more aggressive when I fence.   Well, I sure as hell got aggressive when I was up against a particular ninja maniac who tried to turn me into a pin cushion.   It was hit her back or die trying.

Just think – these new people are now going to be coming to our club regularly.   Oh joy.

I’ve decided that this weekend I’ll concentrate only on stretching and doing some old dance/ballet exercises because they give me a solid endorphin rush.   I’ve had enough pain this week.  For the next few days I just wanna feel good.

Of course I’ll also push myself on editing The Compass Master because I’ve really fallen behind with that job.  I thought I’d be done by the end of this month, but far from it.  Drats.

So have a good weekend, y’all.  And avoid screaming ninjas.