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Just a Quickie

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Sorry I haven’t written squat for this blog for so long.  Between traveling over the holidays (always gosh-darn fun, especially the airports – heavy on sarcasm here) and being busy with family and Christmas, I didn’t even have much time to go into other folks’ blogs and enjoy reading them.

Then on top of it all my Internet connection went down right before I left town, PLUS my computer at work died spectacularly about a week earlier, so until a new one could be rustled up for me I had to limp along on an ancient one that had been set aside for recycling.  I SWEAR that I left comments on some of your blogs while using that machine; but at least a couple times those comments disappeared.  Sure, maybe I failed to click on something, but my own philosophy is that when in doubt, blame the machine.

And as for action hero stuff…

Just got a quickie for you today, which is how to kick an attacker in the knee.

I’d always assumed that if someone comes at me and presents his knee as a handy target, I should kick it right in the middle.  Turns out I was wrong. The best way is to kick it at a forty-five degree angle.  This will not only disable an attacker (at least temporarily), the angle can inflict the most damage to the joint.

And on that cheerful note, here’s wishing you all a happy New Year.   I PROMISE to write lots of new stuff this weekend and thus send out the old year and greet the new with style.