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Having a Bad Day

on August 23, 2010 in Misc 6 Comments »

I feel so guilty.

Last week I wrote only one measly entrance for this blog.  And today I’ve got…

Not a whole lot to tell you.


Oh, I’ve been doing some Layla stuff.  I’ve gotten rustier than I’d like to admit on my basic lock picking, so I practiced when I had time and I’m really going to devote myself to it this week.  I should also be working on French and Arabic, which I haven’t been.  But above all I should be pursuing big, dramatic, fun stuff just like Layla.

Truth to tell, last week I had a couple bad days emotionally and it ended with a super crappy, depressing day at work.  You know what I mean — when you go home afterwards feeling like a shark just bit your ass off and you don’t feel up to doing much of anything.  Except, maybe, getting the hell out of wherever you are.

On the bright side, it’s now Monday at lunchtime and I’m getting over myself.  More important, I know that you yourselves have been through your own rotten stinkers but now all is right with you and your world (I hope!).  Same here.  Very soon now I’ll once again be as bouncy and cheerful and obnoxiously active as a golden retriever with a yard full of Frisbees.  That’s when I promise to do something INTERESTING (finally!) for my next posting.

Have fun, y’all.