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One of Layla’s most fundamental skills is climbing and rappelling.  She doesn’t ascend cliffs or rocks so much (excepting at archeological digs); instead she stealthily tackles buildings.


Well, this last Sunday I finally went down to REI with the intention of climbing their (dramatically named) Pinnacle.  I figured that my upper body strength may finally be good enough for me to make the attempt at getting in a harness and learning the ropes.

I ended up not climbing.

Not only was there a wait time of over 90 minutes, but entire families were there taking pictures and filming each other crawling up fake rock face.  That’s when I realized that I really, really don’t want my first – and potentially pathetic – attempt at climbing to be a public event witnessed by hordes of shoppers.  My climb would also be a rushed affair in which I would have to get up and down fast because other climbers were waiting in line.  Under such circumstances I trulywouldn’t learn what I need to about the sport (or in Layla’s case, a key professional skill.)

That’s when I decided that, although it may cost me a little money, I really have to do this climbing thing correctly.  I need to learn the ins and outs of how to climb in a harness and how to tie the ropes and get up and down them, and how to use all of the equipment.

screaming climber

The good news is, there are several rock climbing schools and clubs around Denver and Boulder, and for a rank beginner on a budget like me, there’s an indoor place just a few miles away.  A one-hour one-on-one class is $50.   Since I just got my federal income tax return (I filed an extension and  got my taxes in a few weeks ago), I can afford one whole intro class, and I’ve scheduled it for this Saturday a.m.

That’s about the only Layla thing I’ll be doing this weekend because I have family that’s coming into town and will be staying with me.  Hope your own upcoming week is exciting.