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As you know, I’m on a strict budget for a little while.  After all, skydiving, paragliding, and general life expenses can put a dent in one’s wallet.


This has forced me to look around for some very cheap thrills/ hero classes/ whatever.  Happily I’ve found a few good ones.

I just signed up for a free class at REI I’ve always wanted to take and never got around to before now.  That’s the Maps, Compasses and Orienteering class at my local REI store.  It’s FREE (this is important) and taught by a U.S. Geological Survey person, which means someone who really knows his/her stuff.  I’ve certainly always known how to use a map and for me a compass is a handy tool.  But this kind of class takes orienteering to a much higher level.  Definitely the kind of skill Layla already has down pat.

By the way, the compass in Layla’s story The Compass Master is the drawing/ architectural two-pronged tool rather than the navigational kind.  In the old days it used to be called a divining tool.  Cool metaphor.

Galileo use

I’ll also be getting in line for the free REI wall climbing.  My upper body strength still isn’t what it should be, then again I doubt that I’ll ever feel sufficiently strong, so I might as well go ahead and learn about harnesses and ropes and other basic stuff.  Ideally, I’ll be able to afford the basic equipment soon and can practice on some buildings.

In August my regular fencing class on Thursday will be on hiatus.  That means I can go with a guy pal to some place like the Mercury Café, where for cheapie prices on Thursday nights we can have dancing lessons.  That’s dancing as in waltz, tango, and other kinds of  pas de deux that heroes are supposed to excel in.


I’m also scheduling myself to check out (on the sly) the security at the Denver Art Museum.  The King Tut exhibit will be there for several months, so you can imagine what the security will be like:  so tough even Layla herself wouldn’t attempt a breach.  Still, she’d check it out if only to keep her knowledge sharp.  I saw the Tut exhibit in Cairo years ago and it really was spectacular.  It’ll be great to see it again.

Anyway, these are just a few small experiences I’ve got planned.  What I really want and need is to come up with some more ambitious (but still cheap) plans, something more exciting.  I”ll try to plot something out over the weekend.

Hope you have a good weekend too.