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I hate to do this, but I”m asking you to cut me some slack.

Yes, I just finished up a three-day weekend, which means that I should have had time to do some serious Layla training.  Like learn evasive driving maneuvers while going 120 mph in a Ferrari.  Jet off to the islands to get certified in Scuba diving.  Learn how to shoot a crossbow.  SOMETHING interesting.


But – mea culpa – I didn’t do anything significant.  That’s because I can’t afford squat right now.  For at least another month I’ll be on an extremely tight budget.  My impecunious state is frustrating because Layla, in contrast to me, always has a healthy bank account.

At least I was able to practice a few small Layla skills.  I caught up on some French and watched part of a French movie, which taught me that I still need subtitles and I really don’t know French slang.  I did a bunch of great stretches and worked on my upper body strength.  Best of all, I visited my friends Doug and Cil.

praire_dog and birds

They live in the open country between Boulder and Longmont, where I went skydiving a couple Sundays ago.  They have lots of land, two horses, board a third one, and are benevolent landlords to an extensive prairie dog colony, bunches of birds, and the occasional bald and golden eagles.

I always thought it would be ideal to have both a city home and a country one.  Right now Layla only has her large penthouse in Dublin, but I figure she’s ready to look into a cottage on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.  (In Ireland, people who can afford a second home get one in a warmer climate.)  As for me, I got my city place and friends in the country.  I’m lucky.

horse nose

I had hoped to do some horseback riding with Doug, but this wasn’t to be.  In the late morning the weather was too warm to go galloping about (while avoiding the prairie dog holes), and in the afternoon the rain clouds rolled in.  Instead we did other country stuff:  Cil pulled weeds, Doug groomed the horses, and I helped to sweep out the stables.  Hey, living in the country can mean work.

The point is, while glamorous people like Layla of course know how to ride, they also should know the basics of caring for horses.  This means cleaning the muck out of their hooves, brushing them down, putting medicine on any cuts or bug bites, and getting them the heck out of the stable you just swept down because they’re raising their tails in that coming attractions way.

So now the weekend is over and it’s time to get back to office work.  In the next few weeks I hope to see Doug and Cil again and maybe do some riding with them.  It’s not the most exciting hero sport to do, but I still like it just fine.