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I received a sweet gift yesterday, which ironically just happened to be my birthday.

I got an email from London, and not just from anywhere in London, but from the publisher Faber and Faber and a wonderful person in the permissions department who gave me… drum roll please

Permission to use gratis (that means for free, folks) 150 words of the book they published and that I quote!   I really am so happy

Okay, this news probably doesn’t make you give a big whup, but you have to understand that this hold-up in obtaining copyright permission has been delaying my plan to self-publish The Compass Master.   Now the way is clear! Now I can finally publish…

Well, actually I can’t publish it just yet ’cause I have one more editing to do of the whole manuscript, and I also have to injure poor Layla late in the story, as I described in an earlier entry here.   But all of this I can do.   It was trying to take care of the copyright permission stuff that was driving me nuts because it was ultimately out of my control and involved unseen people very far away.


And on that note, I’d like to thank nice and helpful Nicci who informed me in her email that she had assumed the paperwork regarding the permission status had reached me, but it never did, so she efficiently took care of the matter herself.   Thank you so much, Nicci!

Also on that note, please disregard my pissy complaints about F&F in my last entry.   My cup of frustration was simply boiling over.   Now all is well.

So from here on out all I have to do is edit an approximately 160,000 word thriller.   That’s the standard length for the kind of thriller genre Compass fits into.

When I’m done, I am so going to need a vacation.

Irrelevant Postscript:   As some of you know parkour training has been part of my Layla plan, so you might be interested in the movie Prince of Persia because  the  lead actors were trained in parkour for some of the scenes.  Might be fun to see.