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Out of Action

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I got a smidgen of good news and some whopping bad news.

The good stuff:   My chiropractor made me feel better and I’m now in less pain.

The stinking bad stuff:   He discovered that I had a separated shoulder and torn cartilage in my ribs.



That’s how I feel right now both emotionally and physically. That’s also the very vigorous noise I kept making as he gently but oh, so very firmly squeezed and twisted and pulled at me to get my body parts reconnected and to loosen my muscles (seems they tighten up just about everywhere in a natural response to protect an injured area).

And bless him, he was pretty steamed when he found out how I’d been injured.   No stranger to the martial arts himself, he insisted that the sensei at my dojo (and yes, he used the proper terms) should ream out the black belt guy who injured me, and he should do so in front of the whole class.

Anyway, back to my poor ribs.

Seems that torn cartilage needs about eight weeks to heal.   MAYBE in about four weeks I can go back to fencing, if only because I’m a rightie and it’s my left ribcage that’s injured.   But for about eight weeks any weight lifting is verboten, and this after Robert wrote such inspiring comments here about how important weight lifting is and I really wanted to go for it.   Also no real stretching or more aggressive movements for my entire upper body.  

In fact, even basic yoga is too strenuous.   As for anything aerobic – fuggedaboudit.   Since my injury I get winded while merely walking, and apparently my lung capacity will be diminished for a while.   I’m determined to do what I can to keep my lower body in shape and loose, but only by using slow, controlled movements.   The last thing I need is to re-injure my ripped-up cartilage.   Besides, I REALLY want this pain to stop.  And I want to stop dreading coughs and sneezes because they make my rib cage feel like it’s being mangled by a T-Rex.   I’d also like to eventually sleep once again on my back and left side.

So there you have it.   Layla is physically on the sidelines until around the third week in May.   But does that mean she’s down and out?   Hell no!   I mean, my Layla plan also calls for more cerebral and forbidden skills.  


In all honesty I’ve again been slacking off with my lock picking efforts and studying Arabic and French.   Now these things will have to take the place of my workouts.   Then there are my novels to edit and get ready for publishing.

Who knows? Maybe while I’m studying and picking and editing away, I’ll find myself hatching some really big plot or planning a cool adventure. Something like… me as Layla finding the hidden treasure of the Incas!   Or – I know! – trekking into a desert in the Middle East in search of the Lost Ark!

You know, I really shouldn’t write this stuff while I’m on medication.