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Banged Up

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Remember when I wrote a mere two weeks ago that I might not get injured in Aikido?

Remember how, in my next blog days later, I pointed out that Aikido has a gentle philosophy about not hurting people? How “I’m in an excellent dojo where the instructors seem determined that none of us novices get banged up”?

Silly me.

I should have considered the possibility that, unlike the instructors, one of the advanced students we beginners share the class with, someone who should know a hell of a lot better, might do something really, really stupid. That this one advanced student who’s sixty years old, strong as an ox, and weighs around 200 pounds, might – just might – decide to teach me a lesson the hard way after I do something wrong in a move, by suddenly picking me up and slamming me to the ground. And maybe I should have considered – because said elderly jackass obviously didn’t – that with this being only my fifth Aikido class, I haven’t yet learned all the different ways to fall without being injured. That instead of throwing out my arm when he dropped me – as he unhelpfully pointed out afterwards – I might instead instinctively tuck it into my rib cage, which would send my elbow into my rib cage with tremendous force as my body landed on top of them both.

After a few minutes I thought I was okay. I managed to finish class while the whole left side of my rib cage merely ached. This was Saturday morning.

By Saturday afternoon I had to go to the emergency room because I was in so much pain it hurt for me just to breathe. Last night I slept fitfully and only on my right side because I had trouble breathing if I lay back flat and there’s no way I’ll be able to sleep on my left side for about another week.

It’s Sunday night. My weekend was pretty much shot because I spent most of it trying not to walk like Quasimodo around my place (going anywhere but the emergency room and the store for more ibuprofen was out of the question). I did at least get a couple of chapters of Charity MacCay and the Almighty Dollar edited, but I couldn’t do a whole lot else.


I’ve just taken my eighth ibuprofen for today and before toddling off to bed I’ll take another tablet of Hydrocodone/Acet 5mg/500mg that the doctor prescribed me; it doesn’t help with the pain as much as I’d like, but it does make me drowsy enough to sleep.

And as I drift off into sleep, I am going to remind myself that there is no such thing as a safety-proof sport. That if I don’t do something stupid, someone else can very likely do something stupid to me. Then there’s always the chance of a freak accident happening. Like the time years ago when I was young and fit and managed to injure myself while sleeping alone in my bed. I did this by somehow turning over the wrong way and putting a nasty crick in my neck that lasted for weeks.

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t even go to bed. Maybe I’ll just stay up all night and watch action movies wherein someone other than me is getting banged up.