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Taking Charge

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In the second half of this Year of our Lord 2010, I plan on turning into a self-publishing maniac.

Remember how back in December I wrote about why I was planning to self-publish The Compass Master, starring Layla Daltry?  Well, I have a confession to make:  I’ve got three manuscripts ready for printing.

The other two are historical romps set in America in the late 1860’s.  I finished them both several years ago, tried to get an agent, and after more than dozen rejections (nearly all in reaction solely to my query letter for the first manuscript only), I grew discouraged and gave up.  Next I wrote Compass, thinking it was more commercial, therefore more likely to be snapped up by a publisher …

Damn, I was delusional!

Bear in mind that I already have one published novel (way back in 1989/1990), Prophecies, on Bantam.  So I’m not a novice to the publishing game.

You know, having three unpublished novels sitting around in your head and in your home ain’t healthy.  It’s kinda like having writer’s constipation.  Like putting a fundamental part of your life on hold.   And so I really can’t tell you how deeply happy and strangely free I feel (no more backed-up crud in my soul) every time I think that in only a few months at most, after I finish editing, my novel Charity MacCay and the Almighty Dollar will be in print.  Shortly after that, Charity MacCay and Holy Relations and The Compass Master will come out, and all under my control.

three books

The reason I have to delay Compass’s printing is because I’m still in the process of obtaining copyright permission.  Two stanzas of a Monty Python song appear in the manuscript along with quotes from a non-fiction book.  Let me tell you, this permission stuff is really tedious and takes so LONG!  Especially if you’re dealing with solicitors in London.

When these novels are finally in book form I will, of course, shamelessly talk them up on this blog and include a link to them on Amazon (and hopefully in local Denver bookstores).  I will also have to thank writers like Hart Johnson.  She has a great blog with her Confessions of a Watery Tart, in which she encourages fellow writers and provides a helpful list of other literary blogs.

And while I’m at it, I SWEAR I’m going to get my geek up and figure out how to list other people’s blogs and stuff here in my own space.  I also have to figure out how to replace “Admin” with Helena.  Not that Admin isn’t a lovely name.

Finally, a postscript of appreciation to a couple of readers:

Robert – you’re a “barely-competitive Olympic-style weightlifter”?  Wow.  That’s a whole lot better than anything I’ve ever been, physically speaking.  What goes on in those competitions?  Besides a lot of grunting and sweating, I mean.  (Hot, sweaty men – what a pleasant thought.)

Ben – if you’ve got a blog, send me the link, because I definitely want to check it out.   It’s good to know you’re a writer too.