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I feel like crap.

I mean, we’re talking serious crap.   Fuzzy brain, sore throat, glands swollen like diseased gills, red blurry eyes set in a mean squint, inability to stay lucid for half an hour at a time.  I went to work this morning because there were a few tasks I had to get done.  But after growling at my colleagues and whining to my boss, I figured it was time to go home.   They were all glad to see me go.   I am really, really not a nice person to be around when I’m sick.

Tomorrow, unfortunately, I gotta go into work no matter how I feel ’cause there’s a proposal to get out.   With any luck I won’t get my cooties and bad vibes all over the project and hence doom it to failure.   And to help stave off such misfortune, I’m going back to my bed as soon as I finish typing this thing (I spent the afternoon there, curled up in a fetal position).

In the next couple nights I should be healthy and dangerously action-packed again, and that’s when I’ll let you know about my upcoming plans.    On the agenda: akido and a self-defense course, among other things harmful to my body.

Oh boy!   More injuries!   More bruises!   More trips to my chiropractor!

I really should know better by now and just stay in bed.

Ghostbusters_9066 red eyes