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Survival Instinct

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We all have gut instinct. You know what I mean – that sudden feeling that grabs you by the solar plexus while whispering in your ear a truth your logical brain can’t or won’t heed.

Take Layla. She locates one antiquity after another not only because of her brains and skills, but because she pays attention to what her gut instincts tells her.

Personally, I can’t count the number of times I’ve felt as if I’ve been poked, slugged or subtly tickled right there in that spot below my heart. According to mystics the solar plexus is the seat of the subconscious, which in turn is connected to our spiritual high selves (bear with me; I promise not to get too flakey), which in turn is joined to everything and everyone and can transcend time and space and…


The point is, listening to my solar plexus has sometimes saved my bacon, and when I didn’t pay it respect I suffered the consequences.

Once, for instance, I practically went into a panic attack on the eve of a new job. Something within me was rebelling like a wild mustang and trying to make me run in the opposite direction. But rather than acknowledging the sick feeling in my gut I allowed my rational brain to tell me to calm down and consider myself damn lucky to land a decent position with a big corporation. A few miserable months later, after restraining myself from kicking my sadistict new boss in his teeth, I quit that job. Literally just walked away from it. (I’m happy to report that I was immediately offered a much better position elsewhere. Sometimes the universe can be kind.)

So you’d think I learned my lesson.

But no, I’ve yet again ignored a warning my gut shouted at me. It was trying to tell me the truth about a neighbor.

And I’ll tell you all about that nightmare person in my next entry.