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My First Lock Picking Set

on November 6, 2009 in Misc Comments Off on My First Lock Picking Set


Today I finally got my first lock picking set. I ordered it online over the weekend and it just now arrived courtesy of UPS. I should’ve bought it before now, but as usual everyday life (a sick cat, deadlines at my job, exhaustion from work, running errands, chores) got in the way. I now have the type of basic tools Chris recommended plus a cutaway lock which shows the pins moving as I pick them, the better to see the process. My plan is to get really good with basic locks and picks before moving on to combination locks and other tough challenges.

What I’d love is to be a natural at the art to the degree that Layla is, though God knows why. It’s not like I have a profession that calls for getting into old libraries and monasteries and archives, or past an inconvenient door or a locked cabinet housing rare ancient books and papers. (Damn, that would be fun!) Still, there’s something alluring, even deeply gratifying about developing a forbidden skill. The very idea that I could get past a barrier that’s designed to keep me out, should I so desire it, gives me the very sweet feeling of forbidden power.

No wonder crazy young guys love lock picking. It’s not just the skills and thrills but the resulting emotions that can be so addictive.