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Star Trek and Layla and Me.

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I thought my quads would feel better by now.  No such luck.  Walking upstairs isn’t too bad but walking down is excruciating.  I’m moving like a whiny, arthritic ninety-year-old.

The evening after my first parkour class I went out with a couple friends (suffering all the while) to see Star Trek.  It was the first time for Ann but the second for me and Rich.  Fun stuff, and of course this second time I paid close heed to how Kirk was knocked off platforms and catwalks and the edge of a cliff, and each time he grunted and groaned but pulled his full body weight up over the edges (once with the help of Sulu).  Damn.  Maybe after parkour class #10 I’ll manage one measly chin-up to save my own life!  Layla would certainly be able to save herself.

The stratospherically high skydiving scene was great.  No, I won’t be going anywhere near such moon-high elevation when I do my first skydive, but since starting my plan I’ve found myself gleefully anticipating how in the coming months I’m actually, finally going to skydive and paraglide and zip up and down buildings (or at least try to) and other cool stuff.  It seems that for most of my life I’ve promised myself that someday I’ll do the same thrilling sports or stunts I see in movies or on TV.  Someday when I have the money or the time.

And that’s just the problem — I never seem to have the money and time always slips through my fingers.  Well, to hell with saving and scrimping and being practical and time-conscious.  For my one-year plan, my savings will just have to take a hit and I will rearrange my days so that I have all the time in the world.